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Commitment to bring Thai products with best quality

and best service to the global market. Including the innovation of new and widely known throughout the world with reasonable prices and competitive.

Krog Thai Product

Fried Red Onion
Ingredients Shallot 95%,Palm Oil 5% Net Weight : 120 g.
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Cavendish Banana Cri
Ingredients Cavendish Banana 80%,Vegetable oil 5%,Sugar
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Ingredients Wheat flour 60%,Cassava flour 15%,Palm Oil
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Mini Palm Sugar Roll
Ingredients Wheat Flour 40% , Sugar 30% , Duck Egg 20%
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Taro Stick
Ingredients Taro : 90%,Salt : 5%.Coconut  : 5% Net Weig
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Sweet Potato with Su
Ingredients Purple sweet potato : 80%,Sugar : 15%,Cocon
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Dried Chili Powder
Ingredients Ground Dried Chilli 100% Net Weight : 150 g
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Khanom Nang Led
Ingredients Glutinous rice : 85% , Salt : 5% , Sesame S
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Taro Cookies
Ingredients Wheat flour 43.8%,Vegetable oil 19.9%,Sugar
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Taro Slice
Ingredients Taro : 80%,Sugar : 15%.Coconut  : 5% Net We
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Med Khanoon Thai Des
Ingredients 1.Egg 2.Sugar Net Weight : 250 g.
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Sticky rice with ban
Ingredients Sticky rice 60%,Banana 39%,Black beans 1% N
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